It is not a secret that software development team members are perpetually overworked, and that this unhealthy trend keeps growing to the point that clients and companies keep shrugging their shoulders at this while we all keep way too quiet… By the way, and in case you are wondering, this does not just apply to developers… It applies to any member of a software development team: project managers/scrum masters, testers, business analysts, DevOps engineers, Enterprise and Solutions Architects…you name it.

I have been involved in the IT industry for over seventeen years. I love what I do, I love the industry, I love the people, I love the knowledge. The issue is, that we are not being provided, for the most part, with fair and adequate workloads that allows us to maintain a healthy work-life balance, in my opinion. What I have noticed is that we, as a generation, are setting an unhealthy precedent that it is O.K. …

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